Level 4 Participants

You can see a list of all level 4 participants and how many KM they already have logged in total.
For this month of January, they need to reach at least 402.3 KM.

ID First Sort AscendingLast Sort AscendingLocation Age Sort AscendingSex Sort AscendingJanKM Sort AscendingTotalKM Sort Ascending
1KathrynHuntAustralia Geelong West59f851.99KM5,816.56KM
2JaneSkovDenmark Copenhagen S41f748.15KM5,385.10KM
3Tae HeeChoiUnited States of America PA, Lansdale44f732.11KM4,920.47KM
4VeroPleitezUnited States of America CA, Lakewood41f711.61KM4,043.79KM
5SteveSalindaUnited States of America CA, Altadena64m709.27KM3,975.48KM
6MargaretAdamczykUnited States of America CA, Altadena55f651.59KM3,673.24KM
7StephanieLeachSwitzerland Aubonne47f647.83KM5,269.31KM
8Maria AntoniaMaganaUnited States of America CA, Lynwood48f646.32KM3,045.80KM
9HenriettBlodgettUnited States of America MD, Perryville46f643.62KM3,306.99KM
10JefferyBottUnited States of America CA, San Jose49mOUT1,944.36KM
11MartinNeudeckerGermany Stadlern42mOUT1,589.25KM
12EdithRivasUnited States of America CA, lynwood45fOUT1,618.26KM