Level 5 Participants

You can see a list of all level 5 participants and how many KM they already have logged in total.
For this month of July, they need to reach at least 0 KM.

ID First Sort AscendingLast Sort AscendingLocation Age Sort AscendingSex Sort AscendingJulKM Sort AscendingTotalKM Sort Ascending
1PeterBradleyUnited Kingdom Uppingham61mOUT2,807.37KM
2PeterNUnited States of America NY, Richmond Hill61mOUT199.74KM
3JörnKaterGermany Uslar53m1,265.62KM7,946.08KM
4HideoAkaboriJapan Nakano Tokyo52m873.51KM5,151.70KM
5JasonWestAustralia Sheldon49mOUT555.71KM
6RobinKelleyUnited States of America AL, Auburn49mOUT2,243.79KM
7BrettWinslowUnited States of America CA, Camarillo48m817.70KM4,108.86KM
8PatrickRiekertSwitzerland Hedingen47m772.66KM3,647.27KM
9MichaelNeherGermany Ulm42mOUT753.39KM
10MyNguyenUnited States of America CA, Milpitas30fOUT841.10KM
11HongthanhPhamUnited States of America CA, Milpitas28fOUT144.00KM
12MoritzKaterGermany Uslar21m1,122.78KM6,791.26KM