Level Kids Participants

You can see a list of all level Kids participants and how many KM they already have logged in total.
For this month of July, they need to reach at least 0 KM.

ID First Sort AscendingLast Sort AscendingLocation Age Sort AscendingSex Sort AscendingJulKM Sort AscendingTotalKM Sort Ascending
1SamuelNeudeckerGermany Stadlern12m65.73KM357.18KM
2OliviaHerrmannUnited States of America CA, Yorba Linda4fOUT43.13KM
3MalouFerbitzSwitzerland Steffisburg13f64.91KM329.33KM
4JonasThompsonGermany Altdorf5m67.52KM324.07KM
5GianFerbitzSwitzerland Steffisburg11m65.21KM337.37KM
6EmmaNeherGermany Ulm11fOUT14.44KM
7EmilyKwanUnited States of America CA, Monterey Park3fOUT26.05KM
8BrennanSimsSwitzerland Dinhard7mOUT54.73KM
9AlexiToenzSwitzerland Sennhof9m72.04KM427.30KM