Our rules

In order to avoid confusions, please read the folloing few rules carefully and make sure you understand them.

  1. You are allowed to register after September 1st and registration for the vSwissAlpsXXX will remain open until December 31, 2020.
  2. You can upgrade your level one time by one level until February 1, 2021. You cannot downgrade your level.
  3. You can submit your KM or miles any time you wish. You can submit it daily, weekly, or all at the end of the month. Just make sure you have run/walked the required distance for the particular month in your particular level. If you don't reach your required distance you will not be able to continue the challenge.
  4. If you run/walk more distance than you are required that month you will not be able to transfer the extra distance to the next month. For example, if you need to run/walk 20 miles this month and you run/walk 30 miles you will not get 10 miles credit the next month.
  5. Submit all of your distances even if you have reached what's required that month. It's just super awesome to see, how many km/miles you are doing and it might come handly down the road.
  6. You have to submit all of your distances by the last day of the month before midnight PST. Don't run a race on the last day of the month and think, you can submit the KM or miles the next day. You will not be able to.
  7. If you ordered a buckle and/or hat you will receive them at the end of the challenge.
  8. You don't have to run the distances you can also walk them. Or use your treadmill. Elliptical miles do not count.

If you see a missing rule let us know at rd@swissalps100.com.